Sierra 700/750

Processes up to 70 tons per hour and up to 575 tons per day.

5 Sennebogen Material Handlers

The latest addition to our fleet of four Sennebogen cranes in 2010, a model 835. These cranes enable us to efficiently off-load, process, and load outbound scrap, while keeping operating and maintenance costs to a minimum.

2 Export Container Tilters:

We now utilize two A-Ward Container Tilters to ensure fast, efficient, and safe container loading for export market.

2 LaBounty 4500

  • 65,000 lbs.
  • Cuts l-Beam, up to 12 inch beam
  • Shears steel to mill size for direct shipment
  • 15,500 lbs. lifting cap.

3 Non-Ferrous Balers

  • Consisting of an IPS TR1052-75 and an Excel HV10.
  • 100 H.P. 2 RAM Baler.
  • We process up to 90,000 lbs per day
  • Makes up to 3,000 lb bales

9 JMC 640 Shears:

With a 24" blade and a cutting force of 57,320 lbs, we can process larger pieces of non-ferrous scrap.

3 Niton Guns:

Thermal Niton Analyzer can accurately sort by alloy and grade, the metal being tested. The test results appear on the easy to read display so your scrap can be correctly evaluated.

4 Holmatro 4050 Hydraulic Cutters:

For use on scrap cable cutting jobs in the field. This hand operated cutter is suspended from a cable for employee safety and easy operation.


  • Fleet of (8) JMH Dump Trailers
  • Various size van, drop deck and flatbed trailers


8 Wire Stripping Operations

  • De-reeling conveying system capacity 15,000 lbs
  • Hand help shears 6" mouth
  • Strip up to 5 inch thick wire
  • 70 hp baler cap. 45,000 lbs./hr
  • Process up to 150,000 lbs per day.


2 Bucket Loaders

  • Komatsu WA320 Capable of pushing 25,000 lbs. of material


Additional Equipment

  • Multiple Fork Lifts – max capacity 6,000 to 25,000 lbs. lifting power
  • 6 Bobcats – 3,500 lb. pushing power