Our Environmental Commitment

In the early 1990’s Cinelli Iron & Metal Co. examined the issue surrounding picking up oily scrap metal in our roll-off containers. The solution was to provide containers that kept the rainwater out as well as keeping contaminates from leaking from the container. With this in mind Cinelli designed a leak-proof container with a sliding roof top. By incorporating a door that is lined with a thick gasket and a ratchet system that pulls the door closed the container becomes sealed. By incorporating a sliding roof that can be easily opened by hand we eliminated rainwater from mixing with the oily scrap material creating excess runoff. These containers have been acknowledged and praised by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Cinelli Iron and Metal has a philosophy regarding being environmental compliant when handling scrap metal. Protect the environment. Protect your customers. Protect Cinelli Iron & Metal's future. Long before the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection implemented strict laws and regulations, Cinelli operated an environmentally clean operation. We at Cinelli understand that the any profit that is earned today can be paid back one hundred times over if we polluted the environment in which we live and work.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has some of the most stringent storm water regulations in the country. So, Cinelli Iron & Metal, in cooperation with CONTECH Storm Water Solutions and Neglia Engineering, designed a storm water treatment system with these requirements in mind. The VortFilter® system installed at Cinelli Iron & Metal in Secaucus was designed with twenty (20) perlite filled cartridges that remove total suspended solids (TSS) and oil and grease found in storm water runoff from the metal yard's 3.9-acre drainage area. Designed specifically to treat the NJ Water Quality Flow (WQQ) of 0.67 cfs, the cartridges are rated at 15 gpm and permit water to move in a radial upflow direction. Gravity separation removes larger particles and floatable hydrocarbons from the runoff in the sump area before reaching the filter cartridges. The system was installed in August of 2006 and expanded in 2012.

Cinelli is proud to operate our state-of-the-art facility. We have an open door policy with our customers. We encourage current and potential customers to visit our operation for a site tour. We then encourage them to visit our competitions yard and compare the two. Our company protects your company.

Cinelli Multi-Million Dollar Storm Water Filtration System Being Installed

To see an Animated Illustration on the VortFilter, please click here.