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Cinelli Iron & Metal Co. is a leader among scrap metal companies in New Jersey (NJ). We offer a diversified scrap metal management program throughout the tri-state area, including Long Island, eastern Pennsylvania and upstate New York. The continued expansion of our client base, beyond our New Jersey foundation, has made our company recognized among national scrap metal dealers and national scrap metal brokers. Our respected reputation has been attributed to our extensive inventory of processing equipment and our dedicated, courteous, and hard-working employees.



As an industry leader, CIMCO provides outstanding services to our clients. We offer the best scrap metal prices in New Jersey, compared to other buyers and brokers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our company is a diversified scrap metal buyer, broker and dealer of a wide variety of metals, including: Aluminum, Copper, Iron & Steel, Lead, Nickel & Stainless Steel, Paper & Recovered Fiber and Zinc. CIMCO also offers complete scrap metal container programs, including convenient pick-ups for our industrial clients. Handling the large volumes of recyclable material that we process simply would not be possible without the perseverance of our people or the best equipment that today’s technology offers.



Our website has been developed to showcase these, our two most important resources — people and equipment. We invite you to browse these pages and see for yourself why our products and services stand out in this industry.

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